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Student Comments  "This instructor was great!  I have a strong interest in learning all types of Yoga and this was among my favorites.  As a theatre performance major, I benefited more than I could imagine from this class.  The breathing exercises were amazing for me, and I will be able to use those techniques in my own craft.  I have suggested this course to many of my friends. ..."

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. . . As Taught by Yogi Bhajan
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Kundalini Yoga classes are conducted nearly every day at the KC Kundalini Yoga Center, 3525 Walnut Street in Old Hyde Park, Kansas City.  Classes generally consist of "Tuning In" with a mantra to join the finite self with the Infinite and connect with the Golden Chain, then warm-ups, and a Kriya (a complete series of exercises  organized in a particular way for a specific effect), then a meditation and/or deep relaxation, sometimes accompanied by the gong.  

Click on the calendar to the upper left of this page for the Yoga Class, Workshop, Training and Special Events Calendars.  Class donations are $12 for each one-hour walk-in class, $60 for a block of 6 one-hour classes to be taken within 3 months of purchase, and $100 for unlimited one hour classes taken within one month of purchase. 

Pay by cash, check, or credit card at the yoga center, or by PayPal on line.


Pre-Pay for Yoga Classes Online!

6 (1 Hour) Yoga classes by Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers.  Pay Ahead and Save $12! ($60).  Get 6 classes for the price of 5.  Walk-in price $12 per class. Or participate in all of our Kundalini Yoga Classes for just $100/month.  Now accepting all credit cards at the Yoga Center or PayPal on line.  Just click on the link above, enter the information, check the item(s) for  your shopping cart, and follow the checkout/PayPal process.

Enjoy a Yoga/Meditation Retreat at Sat Tirath Ashram

Reconnect with the True You. 
Give yourself a break from your daily routine to rejuvenate through Kundalini Yoga.

Enjoy a private apartment or room at this authentic Kundalini Yoga Ashram established by Yogi Bhajan in 1977.  The retreat includes participation in regularly scheduled yoga classes, early morning group sadhana (spiritual discipline), and a bottomless pot of yogi tea. Meditate in the Peace Garden or by the waterfall.  Browse through our library of books, DVDs and CDs on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, health, and spiritual lifestyle. Reservations are  based on availability. Suggested donation is $25/night, $150/week, $600/month.  Other optional services are
private consultations and private yoga classes. 

For more information or to schedule your retreat, call Sat Inder at (816) 561-5337 or email


Our yoga store shelves are fully stocked Yoga and healing books, CDs, DVDs, Yogi Bhajan's herbs, Doap Soap, Narayan Oil, head coverings, wooden combs, shawls and lots of other items. Browse before and after yoga classes. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and paypal.

Level I Kundalini Yoga Teachers CertificationTraining in KC

Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teachers Training for Level 1 certification will begin on Friday September 12, 2014 and continue to June 2015.

Yogi Bhajan was a master of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, White Tantric Yoga, and Vedic Science, and he brought those powerful teachings to the Western Hemisphere in 1969.  These teachings are embodied in the Aquarian Teachers Training.  

Once monthly sessions provide 180 classroom hours of instruction in Yogic Philosophy and Origins of Kundalini Yoga, Postures, Kriyas & Meditations, Yogic and Western Anatomy & Physiology, Humanology, Sound & Mantra and 3HO Lifestyle, resulting in certification through Kundalini Reseach Institute. Teachers who are KRI certified are enrolled in the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) and  are eligible to register as RYT 200s with Yoga Alliance.  The primary teacher is Karta Purkh Khalsa, who is a primary E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.

Early enrollment tuition (Paid by August 31) is $2,100. Full Enrollment is $2,300, and the student/senior rate is $1,900. Tuition maybe paid by cash, check or credit card (We take them all.) or on-line by Paypal.
Tuition payment plans are also available. All tuition must be paid by 4/1/15. Tuition does not include the fees for 20 kundalini yoga classes taught by certified teachers, nor White Tantric Yoga, which are required for certification.  Yoga class fees at the 3HO Kundalini Yoga Center are discounted 50% for students enrolled in Teachers Trainng here.


Join us at 7 PM each month on the night of the Full Moon as we prepare ourselves for the next 28-day Lunar Cycle. With a at least 11 participants, we will take turns leading a call and answer chant, and then responding. This “Healing Ring of Tantra” Meditation has been given by Yogi Bhajan to heal, cleanse and strengthen the individual so that (s)he may grow and prosper according to their individual destiny.
The Full Moon Meditation is followed by double gong meditation.  The gong's vibrations are deeply relaxing and healing. 

Donations are welcome.
Location: Sat Tirath Ashram, 3525 Walnut, Kansas City MO.
Call 816-561-5337 for directions, to confirm the date, or to obtain other information.

Apartment available at 3HO Yoga Center

A furnished or unfurnished attractive first floor living space is available in this residential Yoga Center in historic Old Hyde Park.  It includes a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. You would share the main kitchen. Utilities, yoga classes, laundry facilities, Google Fiber, well-lighted off-street parking and organic vegetables from the gardens are included in the monthly donation.  Healthy vegetarian, smoke-free, drug-free environment.
Contact Sat Inder at (816) 561-5337 or

Host a Kundalini Yoga Workshop in Your Area!

The 3HO Foundation of Missouri, Inc. is a private not-for-profit educational organization whose purpose is to teach Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and other techniques for Health and Happiness in Missouri and surrounding areas. Teachers are certified by the Kundalini Research Institute and some are members of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association and Yoga Alliance.  We offer workshops on a wide variety of subjects, including Vitality & Stress, Chakra Balancing, Women's Health and Well-Being, Weight Management, Yogic Diet & Nutrition, Gong Bath, Sound & Mantra, the Bhandas (locks)and many more that can be developed at your request. Some of the workshops we conduct offer CEUs through IKYTA and Yoga Alliance. Karta Purkh is E-RYT500.
Call us at 816-561-5337 or email if you or your group would like to sponsor a Kundalini Yoga Workshop in your area.

Karta Purkh Singh's Blog!

Karta Purkh Singh, shown with daughter, Guru Shabd Kaur, at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India in 1995.  

A Kundalini Yoga Yogi has an occasional blog!

Yes, everyone and his brother and/or sister has one, but not many discuss 35+ years of Kundalini Yoga practice and teaching. It's not always directly about Kundalini Yoga but it IS always influenced by his meditation. Please feel free to leave your own thoughts about his blog; he would welcome a dialogue.


Yoga Teachers earn 7 IKYTA CEUs and 7 Yoga Alliance CEUs through this one-day workshop (9 am - 5 pm) on Saturday MAY 10, 2014 for Yoga Teachers, First Responders and Mental Health Workers at the Heartland Conscious Health, at Nirvana Pointe, 11616 N. 34th Av, Omaha, NE 68112.

This workshop is designed to assist teachers and counsellors to develop effective methods of supporting their students and clients who are experiencing the effects of trauma.

  • Trauma may overwhelm our ability to cope and live in the present.  We have noted that more and more people are coming into our classes who are suffering from depression, fatigue, and other symptoms of our stressful society and lifestyles. Indeed, surveys are showing an alarming prevalence of trauma in the US and around the world.
  • According to a national incidence study of abuse and neglect, nearly 3 million children (1:25) experience some form of endangerment each year in the US, and almost 1:3 of these children experience direct physical, sexual or emotional abuse.  2:3 experience significant physical or emotional neglect.
  • According to the National Institute of Justice and Centers for Disease Control, nearly 1:5 of women and 1:33 men report experiencing attempted or completed rape at some time in their lives.
  • Each year in the US, approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner. 
  • In the US alone, around 7.7 million American adults age 18 and older (3.5% each year) suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Some may complain of only 1 or 2 symptoms while others are plagued with multiple and often disabling behaviors. While not all are dysfunctional most are suffering in ways that Kundalini yoga can help.
  • Current research is showing how yoga and meditation may reduce symptoms, particularly in disorders that have a strong psychosomatic, psychological or stress-related component. Yogi Bhajan brought us a powerful set of teachings that we can apply to aid most of the people who come to us for relief.
Workshop Instructors:
  • Karta Purkh S. Khalsa, BA, M.Ed. IKYTA, E-RYT500, Director of the 3HO Foundation of Kansas City, MO and the KC Kundalini Yoga Center.
  • Sat Inder K. Khalsa, BA, MSW, IKYTA, Administrator of the 3HO Foundation of Kansas City, MO and the KC Kundalini Yoga Center.
Both are Level One and Two Kundalini Yoga Trainers who were trained directly by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, White Tantric Yoga, and Vedic Healing.  Both have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for nearly 40 years and are certified in Supporting People with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through Kundalini Yoga and Mind Body Interventions for Post Traumatic Stress Disroder.

Early Registration $108.  $120 after 5/1/2014.  Group Rates are available.
Vegetarian lunch and 17-page handout included.   
Bring a mat or large towel, pillow, and shawl or blanket.  Pay by Credit Card or Paypal.

This Workshop will be rescheduled in the event of cancellation.  

Contact Sophia Stratbucker at or call (402) 212-7477/551-0500 for information about accommodations. 

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