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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. . . As Taught by Yogi Bhajan
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Sadhana Collection

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This package of Sadhana items in a Yogi Bhajan Legacy Bag will provide the tools for Aquarian Sadhana.  The Kundalini Yoga/Sadhana Guidelines Exercise and Meditation Manual by Master Yogi Bhajan and Dr. Gurucharan Singh is an extensive text which includes chapters on What is Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance, Morning Sadhana, Basics of postures  (asanas), Hand Locks (Mudras), sound currents (Mantras) and Body locks (Bhanda).  It contains many kriyas and meditations for a successful sadhana for Yogis and Yoginis of all levels of expertise.  This is the textbook that Karta Purkh Singh uses for his Yoga Classes at UMKC.  This package also includes a folder containing Jaapji - Song of the Soul and the Aquarian Sadhana Meditations recommended by Yogi Bhajan in large print which can be read in dim light.  The white cotton crocheted cap to protect the crown chakra during meditation was "hand made with love and care in Santa Monica, CA" and donated by Big Al.  Finish your sadhana with tea enjoyed in a mug  printed with a Yogi Bhajan quote - "I Am. I Am".

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