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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. . . As Taught by Yogi Bhajan
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Painting 709. 12" x 12" by Sadhana Kaur

Item # 709
Price $120.00
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Item Value: $120.00
Minimum Bid: $40.00
Min. Bid Increment: $5.00

Dark blue leaves on a dark blue background from the Brilliance Budding Series by Sadhana Kaur (Marie Lentsch) the creator of the beautiful Healthy, Happy Holy sculpture that sits in our Peace Garden. We call Sadhana Kaur's acrylic on canvas paintings "Color Therapy". She says "Having these paintings go where Grace needs them to be is a very satisfying completion. As shows, I get to experience how they heal and elevate, in ways that I couldn't imagine. It is delightful." 
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