Full Moon Meditations

Join us at 7 PM each month on the night of the Full Moon as we prepare ourselves for the next 28-day Lunar Cycle. With a at least 11 participants, we will take turns leading a call and answer chant, and then responding. This “Healing Ring of the Tantra” Meditation has been given by Yogi Bhajan to heal, cleanse and strengthen the individual so that (s)he may grow and prosper according to their individual destiny.
The Full Moon Meditation is followed by double gong meditation by Karta Purkh Singh.  The gong's vibrations are deeply relaxing and healing. 

Donations are welcome.
Location: Sat Tirath Ashram, 3525 Walnut, Kansas City MO.
Call 816-561-5337 for directions, to confirm the date, or to obtain other information.

Full Moon Meditation

Date: Tuesday, 07/03/2012

Join us for the Healing Ring of Tantra Meditation, followed by a Yogi Bhajan video kriya or meditation.