Ad Guray Nameh

Ad Guray Nameh,
jugaad guray nameh,
sat guray nameh
siree guroo dayvay nameh

This mantra, the Mangala Charan Mantra, is beautiful. If you hear it sung by a 3HO ragi (singer) you may never be able to get it out of your consciousness ... but that's a good thing. It's words simply express our belief in the primal wisdom that has existed since the beginning of creation, that HAS existed, that is always true, and that is personified in GOD.

There is no mystery to its pronounciation, but there is a key. As we chant we often tend to fit the sounds together so they rhyme. In this mantra a two word phrase repeats -- "guray nameh"  Many students tend to rhyme those two words as in "guray namay" WRONG! The words or sounds, as we pronounce them have a subtle effect on the nerve centers in our mouth, and thereforte an effect on the glangular system and the brain. The correct delivery of this mantra depends on not rhyming those words -- "nameh" is pronounced without an "A" sound, it is more of an "eh" almost an "A" but cut off.

"This is a mantra which clears the clouds of doubt and opens us to guidance and protection. It surrounds the magnetic field with protective light." (KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1)

We, (3HO teachers & students) usually chant this mantra before departing on any journey, no matter how long, or short.