A Sun Meditation for the Winter Months

 As we dive deeper into the cold, snowy and short winter days we are susceptible to episodic emotional upheavals. The sun energy is at its briefest, due to the shorter days, and we react to the lack of it. It's no coincidence that ancient cultures held celebrations and festivals of light (Christmas tree lights!) at year's end to mollify the gods and persuade them to return the light. However, now is also an opportunity to delve into the deeper parts of one's psyche and accomplish important inner work.

This rebirthing meditation can balance out the traumas incurred at the time of our birth. That moment, when we transited from the warm, cozy womb to the sterile brightness of a cold, fluorescent lit hospital labor room, is a shock most never recover from. Kundalini Yoga offers us ways to regain our sense of security and peace. After all, as Yogi Bhajan has said, “Happiness is our birthright.”

PART 1 - Interlace the hands over the solar plexus. The eyes are 9/10 closed looking down and in towards the tip of the nose. Straighten the head pulling your chin back slightly as in neck lock. Breathe in and out powerfully through puckered lips. A complete inhale takes about 3 seconds. The exhale takes about 4 seconds. Breathe in this manner for 1-3 min. Then inhale deeply through the nose and hold the breath. Focus at the brow and visualize a candle flame. See the flame getting brighter as it consumes (or burns off) the anger, negativity, doubt, and fear that have been lurking within your subconscious. Exhale when you need to. Inhale again and repeat the visualization. Continue this visualization with the breath held for up to 5 times total.

PART 2 - Breathe long and light through the nose. See if you can inhale for 10-15 seconds and exhale for 10-15 seconds with no strain. Your eyes are now focused up and in towards the brow point or Third Eye. Continue to visualize the candle flame there. Go into the heart of the flame and let your soul burn brightly and illuminate your life and your true self. As a form of prayer you can also see the flame getting brighter as it consumes the stress, pain, or challenges of the people you'd like to heal or uplift.