Meditation to Handle a Grave Situation

It is a simple and ancient practice to resolve conflict within ourselves. If you have a most grave situation to handle, 5 minutes of this meditation will give you the strength, confidence and stamina to withstand it. Sit in Easy Pose, legs crossed Indian style (or you may sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, weight equal on each foot) with the spine is straight. (Poor posture negates the good effects of any meditation or yoga practice.)

Place one hand on each breast, fingers pointing towards each other. This is a comfortable position with very little pressure and NO tension in the arms or hands. Keep the eyes 9/10ths closed (They may inadvertently flicker when you first do this but it should go away with practice!) Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds and then hold the breath out (without breathing) for 15 seconds. Watch a clock with a seconds counter for the first two or three minutes so you can "understand" how long 5 and 15 seconds are. Then you may close your eyes to 9/10ths and simply meditate with that controlled breath. Start with 3 - 11 minutes of practice and build it to 31 minutes at a sitting. The "trick" to holding the breath out is to simply relax the urge to breath and wait, in total confidence, for the correct moment to inhale (without gasping).

Any physical, mental or spiritual exercise program is always best practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The above breath meditation is offered humbly and without any guarantee but simply as a possible solution to certain mental or physical challenges.

--Karta Purkh S Khalsa