Student Comments about Training

Here are some of the students comments about the classes in the Aquarian Teachers Training Courses:

  • This is the second time I have taken this (UMKC) class and I have enjoyed it as much as the last.  This time I have implemented a couple of the basic kriyas into everyday life, and the benefits have been overwhelming.  I have felt an overall new sense of confidence and mental balance as well as more flexibility and endurance.  I'm truly glad I took your class. 
  • Thank you for your suggestions!  The meditation is especially amazing. I woke up around 3 a.m. today and did the breathing practice for the deep, dreamless sleep, and it worked so quickly and so well!  This is the second full day of a calm mind.  I feel alive again.  I was kind of like a zombie.  This is almost like magic, and I needed a bit of magic in my life!  I cannot wait until the next class.
  • I learned about listening to the imprint of my sound. I didn't know about that before.
  • Great lunch! I love the community kitchen and enjoy the company.
  • This was a nice, varied weekend of activities!
  • Meditation/mantra/mudras is a therapeutic touch to the mind. Great class. Lots of action and laughter.
  • I learned that when I sit in judgment, I sit in insecurity. I make myself small. I did not know that before. I am learning to unlock myself from "want" as I work with the neutral mind kriya.
  • I am learning that the mind is not me. I am more than the mind.
  • I am learning how many subconscious fears I have. Where did they come from?! I am trying to be more objective and learn how NOT to be controlled by my mind. I'm tired of being a slave.
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm here by accident. I have not had to try for my spiritual life. In fact, I never knew I wanted one. But I'm glad I'm here regardless!!
  • I learned that the heart has a stronger electromagnetic field than the brain.
  • I learned many, many things that I did not know before.
  • I learned that there are simple ways to teach physiology and anatomy in Kundalini Yoga. Great spinal/ biomechanical explanation. Thanks!
  • I learned that change doesn't have to mean getting rid of everything that's in place. It can be as simple as changing how I look at what it is.
  • What a blessing and opportunity Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Training is. Thank you!
  • I learned how to see the faults in others and choose not to see the faults. I'm going to try this immediately!
  • I learned the differences between asanas, exercise, posture and kriya. I learned that I actually enjoy teaching. :) I learned Shuni Mudra to affirm my power when someone is trying to shake me up.
  • Your positive energy is healing and contagious :)
  • I am getting a bigger picture of Kundalini Yoga and how it "fits" my life.
  • The student practicum is very helpful. I also like the check-in we do at the start of class.  (Note:  During Teachers Training, students practice teaching yoga through "practicums", which builds self-conficence and strong projection.) 
  • Classes are very well planned, presented and guided.
  • I like the presentation of exercises in the class, showing common mistakes to avoid in Kundalini Yoga. It is also fun!
  • I really enjoyed charting out my life cycles. I can see more clearly the themes that take me up and down.
  • The sessions are great!! So glad and thrilled to have this opportunity. I have greater awareness of what brings lows into my life and how to be neutral to those stimulus.
  • I learned about caliber as the degree or measure of capacity that impacts others.
  • New seeds are planted in every class, and they grow after class. I feel a continuing challenge to my destiny as a teacher. The presentations are great!
  • Class is always illuminating, invigorating and inspiring. 3 I's. I am relating to my third eye. This environment is very healing and supportive. I look so forward to being in your space!
  • I am learning to honor the teacher in me while in the "Caliber" meditation. I would like to evoke this memory in my future meditation. This is great! I enjoyed the way the instructors complement their insights to serve with greater understanding.  I like the group interaction better and better in the relaxed way we interact.
  • I learned that it isn't as bad as I thought to teach in front of the class. I am learning the impact of my neutral mind in approaching the teachings.
  • I am learning that Kundalini Yoga can be done by anyone regardless of body, shape, flexibility, or health condition - that every posture can be done right. I can instruct myself in my own words about a Kundalini posture and practice this way instead of memorizing the written instructions.
  •  I want to share the teachings with others and be a l lighthouse and a   forklift. I am learning better form in postures and that smiling is a mudra for my face :)
  •  All sessions of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Training have been excellent, and I really felt encouraged, stronger, and very gratified. Interesting presentations, moved the class along nicely, very upbeat.
  •  I learned that I have been folding at my creaes. I still can't believe I can do plow pose! I am facing my fears head on!
  •  I am receiving so many blessings from these Teachers' Training sessions.Thank you!
  •  I learned tons about Sound and Mantra - pronunciation, the science behind the sound. The teacher's presence and belief and love of what  she does is infectious.

Teacher Training 2008

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