Level 1 Mentorship Program Guidelines

Mentoring Guidelines for KRI Teacher Training:
  • Contact your trainee at least once a month via phone call, e-mail or meeting.
  • Make yourself available for their questions relating to their experiences in Teacher Training.

Use reflective listening techniques:
  • Listen four times as long as you speak.
  • Ask open-ended & reflective questions (“What’s that like for you?” etc.)
  • Give constructive feedback regarding written assignments they may share with you (We will ask them to share these with mentors this year.)
  • Be open to having them lead one-to-one yoga with you a few times over the course of training; give constructive feedback.
  • Be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to contact them and return their contacts in a timely manner (within 2 days).
  • If your mentorship duties become too much to balance with other commitments, please contact Karta Purkh Singh or Sat Inder Kaur asap. DON’T just drop the relationship!
  • Represent the Code of Ethics of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Formal Mentorship Has The Following Characteristics:
  • A deliberate, conscious, voluntary relationship that:
  • Extends over the course of the Teacher Training.
  • Is sanctioned or supported by the teaching organization (by time, acknowledgement of supervisors or administrators, and is in alignment with the mission of 3HO and the KC Kundalini Yoga Center).
  • Occurs between an experienced person (the mentor, who is generally not in a direct, hierarchical or supervisory chain-of- command) and the trainee.
  • Is expected to benefit all parties in the relationship (albeit at different times) for personal growth, career development, lifestyle enhancement, spiritual fulfillment, global achievement, and other areas mutually designated by the mentor and trainee.
  • Will benefit the community within which the mentoring takes place.
  • Will take place on a one-to-one, small group, or by electronic or telecommunication means.
  • Typically focuses on interpersonal support, guidance, mutual exchange, sharing of wisdom, coaching and the role modeling.

Never say or do anything that will make a person feel judged or ashamed of who they are or what they do. JUST SERVE THEM.

Common Mistakes:
  • Try and make them love you.
  • Tell them all about yourself all the time.
  • Become their therapist.
  • Make recommendations about important decisions in their lives.

Seeking mentors/mentor lunch

9/21/2010 by Michele Cavin Lowrie

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