Module 2 Authentic Relationships

Authentic Relationships:  April 8-10 & May 13-15, 2011
Now available in the Heart of America. Authentic Relationships is one of FIVE modules required for certified Level One Instructors to achieve Level 2 Certification.

Instruction is provided by Certified Level 2 Trainers who have together spent more than 65 years studying at the feet of the Master, Yogi Bhajan.

Yogi Bhajan reminded us that "First, we think that to have a good relationship we need to be attractive, perfect, powerful, sexy, interesting, thin or some other long list of ways we measure ourselves and others.  What is more important is that we listen and then share our identity -- our real self.  The most powerful attractant is to be receptive and interested in our partner and in what is meaningful to them.  The most powerful bond is that we share our real self, from the heart and create trust and tolerance between us. Second, we must learn to manage negative feelings and consciously use positive feelings to work out any problems.... We all have instinctual feelings that are defensive and by nature negative.  But in human relationshps we must invoke our distinctly human capacity to be authentic.  ... If we do not recognize our emotions, read them, then choose consciousness in our actions, our negative feelings will create neurosis, fear and unreality."     

This course will help the student to develop and maintain do that that.  is comprised of 50 hours of classroom experience over two weekends, followed by 12 hours of home study, which will take place over a 90 day period.

Almost time for Level 2!

9/29/2010 by Michele Cavin Lowrie

Sat Nam, everyone,
We are counting down - just 8 days away from the beginning of the course. Each weekend will consist of 3 days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 - 6:00.

The training is a nice mix of Discussions of the readings, Kriyas and meditations, Videos, and Interactive Group Activities, with lunch and breaks to make each ...

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Level 2 Authentic Relationships

 April-May, 2011

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